Why Should You Cultivate Self-Regulation?

3 minutes
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Hi and welcome. You might hear lots of people say you should set goals, you should try them down and never give up and so on and so on. While setting goals is important, the next step is how you make them happen. How do you bring your objectives to life, video long term goals or short term goals? achieving your goals is about personal transformation. It's about learning, improving and behaving in a way that will get you closer and closer and ultimately help you achieve your goals.

In this course, you're going to learn a specific skill that will help you with the transformation process or change. It's called self regulation. Usually, you can find out that self regulation is taught in modern leadership programs. But honestly, this skill is not just for leaders. It's for regular people like you and me. I've been practicing self regulation for a considerable amount of time.

And I strongly believe that self regulated people are times more likely to manage their emotions and achieve their goals. But what is self regulation? self regulation is the process of guiding one's thoughts, feelings in behavior to reach desired goals. self regulation is the process of guiding was thoughts, feelings and behavior to reach desired goals. If we could break down the definition, we'll find two important aspects. Number one, managing thoughts feelings and behavior and number two, achieving desired personal goals.

By the way, have you heard of the topic emotional intelligence? Daniel Goleman has developed a concept and he believes that there are five elements of emotional intelligence. One of these elements is self regulation or managing your emotions. Here is what will help happen. If you don't cultivate self regulation, the chances of achieving your long term goals decrease dramatically. You will be primarily led by your emotions in the rational part of yourself which may interfere with making decisions where solid logic is required.

You won't be able to react adequately to unpredicted situations and you won't be able to express yourself appropriately. Chances are, you will fail as a leader as well. And I'm not talking about the corporate world here, at some point will end up being in a leadership position quite often unintentionally. On the other hand, here's what will happen if you cultivate self regulation. If you possess the skill of self regulation, other people will respect you because you will react appropriately to social situations. You will become aware of your own behavior as well as others behavior, you will understand the cause of your behavior and feelings, you will be able to achieve your long term goals, you will become mindful and you will act with integrity.

I have found three pillars of self regulation. And they'll be the focus of this course here they are. self awareness, self discipline, and integrity. we'll delve into each of these topics, and you will discover exercises to develop and sharpen the skills to get the most out of this course. It's imperative you do the exercises. You share feedback.

You take full advantage of our learning community. you participate in discussions and ask questions. Okay, let's awaken the self regulated person within yourself.

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