Metastatic Tumors in the Jaws

2 minutes
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Three metastatic tumors, clinical features, the mandible is much more frequently affected than the maxilla. How can we remember this? Now metastases means when the cancer spreads or moves from the initial site to a secondary site, okay, so metastasis basically means moving. Now if I asked you this question, which moves or metastasizes the maxilla or the mandible, of course, as we know the maxilla is fixed doesn't move while the mandible metastasizes or moves, right. Okay, so metastasis equals moving, which moves the maxilla or the mandible, the mandible moves or metastasizes, which means that metastatic tumors occur more commonly in the mandible them in the maxilla. Now, the second clinical feature is that the most common primary or initial tumors Fat metastasized to jaws are reported to be carcinomas of the breast bronchus, prostate, thyroid and kidney.

How can we remember these organs? Again, metastasis equals moving. And just like cancer moves from a primary site to a secondary site. There are certain fluids that are secreted or metastasized or move from the glands outwards right now which organs and the body secretes The most commonly non fluids. That is right. They are the breast, the bronchus, the kidney, the prostate and the thyroid.

Right. So when we think of metastasis, we're thinking of fluids moving from glands, just like cancer moves from a primary site, just to cam to recite, and cancer just like fluids move from breath bronchus kidney, prostate and thyroid outwards towards the top.

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