Monostotic Fibrous Dysplasia of the Jaws

3 minutes
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For mono static fibrous dysplasia of the jaws, clinical features maxilla is more effective than the mandible. How can we remember that? As we mentioned before, fibrous dysplasia is fabulous display or screen. Now, what are you watching on this fabulous display? constantly? You're watching MVC max.

So you watch MVC max on a fabulous display, monitor statically, which means that constantly, you're watching only this one channel or one bone. All right. Moving on to another clinical feature, which is teeth involved in the lesion usually remained firm, but they may be displaced by the bony mass. How can we remember this mono static fibrous dysplasia The first word is mono, which means one, while this topic sounds like static, right. So, teeth remains static in one place and mono static fibers dysplasia which means that they do not move. Freight geographically, it has ground glass appearance that is poorly defined.

Let's see the mnemonic for that. Now again, fibers, dysplasia, fabulous display or screen. Now I want you to imagine that someone smashed the fabulous display just like this. So what does it look like now? It looks like ground glass which is the ground glass appearance. And as you can also see, it is poorly defined, dissolve broken and grow isn't really defined right?

Moving on to the histology. wanna start with fibrous dysplasia off of the jaw has a characteristic Chinese letter appearance? How can we relate Chinese letter to fibrous dysplasia? Let's see. fibers, dysplasia, we said that fibrous means jeans and fibers dysplasia means fabulous display or screen. Now, what is one common thing between these two things?

It is that most genes and displays nowadays are made in China, right? China means Chinese letter appearance. So you just have to remember that fibrous means jeans or Primus dysplasia means fabulous display. And you will remember that it's made in China. China equals Chinese letter appearance. That's easy and simple right?

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