Turner's Hypoplasia

3 minutes
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Moving on to chapter three environmental alterations of teeth enamel defects. We will start with Turner's hyperplasia. What is Turner's hyperplasia? The definition is enamel defects in and permanent teeth to Calgary to Peri apical inflammatory diseases or traumatic injury of the predecessor, deciduous teeth. How can we remember that Turner's hyperplasia is this Now, let's look at the name, Turner's. Let's look at the part Turn, Turn meanings a problem in deciduous teeth that turns into a problem in permanent teeth.

So the solution is in the name itself. turn now. Let's look at the clinical signs and symptoms. It is mostly seen in permanent bicuspid and permanent maxillary central incisors. How can we remember these two sites? Again, we will use the term rule, as I like to call it.

We know that the cause for this is a problem in deciduous teeth that turns into a problem and permanent teeth. So to know the site or in which permanent teeth this problem occurs, we have to know which predecessor deciduous teeth were affected. Now think about this, which deciduous teeth are most prone to problems? The answer is divided into two parts. The first part is which these are the most commonly affected by caries and children. When a child comes to your clinic, which teeth are almost always affected by caries?

The answer is primary first and second. molars, they're almost always care And the primary first and second molar is are actually the predecessors of permanent bicuspids. And now we covered the first part of the most commonly affected sites. And the second part we should ask ourselves, which these are the most prone to trauma in children? The answer is primary maxillary central incisors and these are the predecessors of the permanent central incisors and this is how we covered the second part of the most commonly affected sites. So Turner's hyperplasia, we're thinking of a problem that occurs in primary teeth and turns into another problem in permanent teeth.

Which is the third is our most commonly affected by problems are the primary means literally central incisors by trauma, and the primary first and second molar is by carries. So the most common sites are their permanent successors. Try the permanent central incisors and the permanent bicuspids

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