Hemi-facial Hypertrophy

2 minutes
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Moving on to the third disorder, Hemi facial hypertrophy. Now, one of the clinical signs and symptoms of Hemi facial hypertrophy is a symmetry of the face with malocclusion and deviation of the affected side of the face towards the unaffected side. Now this is something that everyone mixes up and you'll just start mixing up which deviates words which are affected and affected smaller, larger, all that jazz of mixing up. I will give you a foolproof formula that never fails you really never fails you, you can just apply it and it will work every single time. So what is this whole mnemonic about? There is a very famous physics rule that says that things move from high pressure are high concentration to low pressure or low concentration.

How does this apply to this nice disorder here, the affected side, the one with the X is the hypertrophic side. And this hyper traffic affected side has high pressure, it is the larger part of the face, it has more face if you like to call it that. Now, things move from this high pressure side to the low pressure on affected side, the side with a tick the true side, the normal side. Okay, so here the face will deviate from the hypertrophic, high pressure side to the unaffected, low pressure small Their side

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