Chronic Osteomyelitis with Proliferative Periostitis

3 minutes
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Chronic osteomyelitis with proliferative barriers Titus. Another name for this condition is Gary's osteomyelitis. How can we remember that Gary's osteomyelitis is chronic osteomyelitis with proliferative periodontitis. Here's how. Let's take the first letter of the word chronic. Just see the first letter of osteomyelitis Oh, and the first two letters of proliferative PR and put them together we will get copper.

Okay. So in our own dictionary, we were going to abbreviate chronic osteomyelitis with proliferative Barry's Titus as co p er which is copper. Now, what color is copper? copper is orange. Now, what else is Orange, go back to your childhood and look for something orange. What did you find?

I found Garfield, which is this bright orange cat. Another way of writing Garfield is Gar field. So there you have it. What is similar to copper? Garfield is and from the name Garfield you will get Gary's osteomyelitis. I personally like to call the Gar between me and myself just to make things easier on myself, right?

Okay. Let's see the epidemiology for this condition. It is seen almost exclusively in the mandible in children and young adults. As always, epidemiology is difficult, but there is nothing difficult with mnemonics. Let's look at the name of the condition Again, it has the word proliferative. Now who proliferates young adults proliferate and they get children okay.

So, whenever you see the word proliferative, you will remember that young adults for all the parades and get children, so it is most common in young adults and children. The radiographic appearance of this condition is as follows. It presents as concentric layers which is known as onion skin appearance. Again, how are we going to remember this? Now, let's look at the word perio status. The part perio means covers like skin.

Skin means onion skin appearance here. Alright. So when you see the word barrios Titus perio means covering like skin. can directly reminds you of the term onion skin appearance. All right. Another way to remember it is that going back to the copper rule, we know that copper is orange.

What besides Garfield has a coppery orange appearance. The onions can as you can see here. So, whenever you see the condition we abbreviated as copper. Two things are copper and color, Garfield and the audience again

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