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See adipose tissue lesions. lipoma definition is a benign tumor of fat. This will help us and the mnemonic later. Clinical features 50% of cases occur in the buccal mucosa. And look over to you. How can you remember this fight.

But now lymphoma, as we said, The benign tumor of fat. So if we think it will most likely occur in a place that has a lot of fat right now which part of the face has the most facts? Look at the face? Think about it, which part of the face has the most fat? Of course the answer is their cheeks. So it occurs mostly in the buccal mucosa and buccal vestibules so lipoma is a tumor of fat.

We want to think which part of the face has the most fat, the cheek which equals buccal mucosa and Bokova Did you another feature is that the age of onset is 40 years or older. Okay? How can we remember that? Now, as we said, lipoma is a benign tumor of fat. It says if fat is trying to escape and make a tumor somewhere, okay, so lipoma is fat trying to escape imagine it this way. Now when does fat start to escape the cheeks?

When does your cheeks start becoming thinner as they lose fat that happens when you become 40 years old. Okay, so lipoma is a benign tumor of fat. Where does it occur and a place that has a lot of fat which is cheeks and lipoma is fat trying to escape and form a tumor somewhere. When does fat start leaving the cheeks and your face becomes thinner when you Become 14 years old. Okay?

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