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To fiber mitosis, clinical features, age of onset children and young adults here is how we can remember this. Now fiber mitosis if we divided into fiber, oh, Matt osis you will get fiber for fiber. And O stands for optic, and Matt is a mat or a rug. So we get fiber optic, Matt was looks like this. So, who would like to play on this cool fiber optic maps? Of course, children and young adults.

Okay. So fibro mitosis fiber optic map, which is something very cool. Who would like to play on it? children and young adults? Okay. histological features proliferation of spindle shaped cells arranged in a streaming fashion How can we remember spend those eight cells and streaming particles and relate them to fiber mitosis?

Let's see. Again, fiber mitosis equals fiber optic maps. Now, like any mat or run, it consists of bundles of threads that are made using a spread machine or something like a spindle. So this fiber optic mat is made of streaming fascicles made using a spindle, and spindle here stands for spindle shaped cells. So fiber mitosis fiber optic mat, and any match with consists of bundles or streaming fascicles made using a spindle, spindle shaped cells. Another way of remembering this is that the fiber optic matter Has fiber optic fibers of course, and these fibers, stream movies, fiber optic internet streams, movies, and streaming here stands for streaming vesicles.

Okay, so these are two ways of remembering that fiber mitosis has streaming fascicles of spindle shaped cells.

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