Florid Cemento-osseous Dysplasia

1 minutes
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To Florida cement to osseous dysplasia clinical features by natural and symmetrical involvement expensive form may involve all four quadrants, both mentalist and essentialist. areas may be affected. How can we relate all these sides to the name of the disorder? Let's see, looking at the first word and that is order Florida. Now Florida sounds very similar to solid, which is strong. If a disorder is strong or powerful, then it affects everywhere, right?

And by everywhere we mean that occurs not only on one side, but bilaterally. It affects all four quadrants and it can occur in both dental lists and eventually areas. Okay, so florid solid, powerful effects everywhere. bilateral four quadrants centralist and essentialist integration Critical feature is that this disorder occurs more commonly in black woman. How can we remember this again Laurent equals solid or strong, who is known to be solid or strong, black women are solid right. Moving on to radiographic features.

It is radio dense, this is simple and easy. florid solid, strong, which means radio dense. Okay so to sum up everything, florid equals solid solid is strong, which means it affects everywhere, bilaterally, all four quadrants both centralist and emptiness and who is solid or strong. Black women are solid. Finally, solid equals dense which is radio dense.

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