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Moving on to chapter two developmental defects off the jaws. We will start with micro navia. Let's see the codes for micro nekia micro magnesium may be associated with other developmental defects such as Pierre Reuben sequence. Now that's a weird name to relate with microbe mania. Let's see what this sequence is all about first. Pierre Reuben sequence is characterized by cleft palate, Micronesia and Glossop toasted.

Alright, let's look at Pierre Robin. Let's look exactly at the Robin part. Now, if you didn't know there is an actual bird That is named Groban, bird. Okay. It's kind of like a species of birds and on as Robin bird. This is what it looks like it's very cute.

Now this Robin bird, as you can see, has small jobs. And any bird when it gets thirsty, their tongue will get stuck out, they will stick their tongues out when they're thirsty. Okay, so just remember this image of the Robin bird and the tongue sticking out when they're thirsty. Now, who has a small jaw, which is micro navia The answer is a robin does. You can see that both images of the bird and this little baby having Micronesia these two images are very similar to each other

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