Cavernous Lymphangioma

1 minutes
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He vascular lesions, cavernous lymph angioma clinical features this tumor occurs superficially and it demonstrates rapidly surface that resembles a cluster of translucent vesicles. This appearance is known as frog eggs appearance. How can we remember frog eggs appearance and related to cavernous? angioma? Let's see. Now cleverness from friends you know if we take the first part of governance which is cave, we will get the cave that we all know.

Now what would you find inside a cave? You would expect to find frog x, which gives us frog eggs clinical appearance. So what do you find in a cave? Just cavernous infancy oma, you find frog and frog eggs clinical appearance, okay, cavernous cave cave frog eggs. Another clinical feature is that it occurs frequently in the mouth with empty or two thirds of the tongue being the most common sight. Now, we said that cavernous cave cave frog eggs now there is something that frogs are very famous for and their way of eating it is that they put their tongues out to catch flying, they put the interior two thirds of their tongue because of course you can put your posterior one third of the tongue out.

So caverna Stephens, you'll know most commonly occurs and then to two thirds off the tongue.

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