Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis - part 2

4 minutes
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So, going back to the clinical features of langerhans cell has decided versus multifocal langerhans cell has to cytosis is associated with the classical triad of Hans Schiller Christian syndrome. Now I'm going to show you how you can relate the name Hansel or Christian syndrome to langerhans cell is to psychosis. But after we have a look at the features of this syndrome, Hansel or Christian syndrome if it immunology, it is more common in males, this is the first point. Let's look at the classical triad of this syndrome, punched out bone lesions and call em jaws plus floating teeth, eggs of tallness and diabetes insipidus. Just a little note, diabetes insipidus is not related to diabetes mellitus, which is the common type one and type two diabetes, diabetes and stupidest is related to antidiuretic hormone ADH or its receptors and it causes frequent urination. The key word here is frequent urination.

Okay, now let's see how we can remember these features. Han chiller Christine syndrome. The first word is Hamed, which is the normal hand and sugar. Or as I like to call it scooter stands for sucker punched, which is punching someone with your fist. And Christian is a name of a male or a meme. Okay, so this is how we know that hamster Christine syndrome is more common in males because crispian is a name of a male.

Okay, let me now tell you a little story about Christian Christian hands Sucker Punch Boy in his head and mouth. Now this poor boys teeth are floating or mobile because of the punch and his eyes are bulging because of the punch. Then he got scared, so he wet his pants. How is this story related to the features? And how can we extract the mnemonics from this story? Let's see.

The first point was that Christian hands sucker punched a boy in his head and mouth. What does this mean? It means punched out legions and this call and jaws, sucker punched punched out, head and mouth call and jobs were done with the first point. Now his teeth are floating or mobile, which means floating to the third point His eyes are bulging which Of course means eggs calamus the fourth point is when he got scared he wet his pants, which means diabetes insipidus or frequent urination. Okay, so from this little story you can remember all of the features of this syndrome just by remembering that Christian hand sucker punched a boy, he punched him in the skull and jaws. The poor guy's teeth are now mobile and floating, his eyes are bulging, and he got so scared that he wet his pants diabetes insipidus.

Now we're done with a classical triad. We are left with remembering that Hans other Christian syndrome is related to multi-focal langerhans cell has to cytosis Here is how we can remember it. As we said langar hams langar means let anger or anger. Now, why did Christian hand Sucker Punch a boy? Because he was angry. Christian hands Sucker Punch a boy in his head and mouse, which are multiple places, which means multi-focal when he was angry, which means Langer happens okay

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