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Chapter 11 none adaptogenic tumors of bond we will start with osteo my definition of benign tumor consisting of either cancellous bone or mature compactable. And how can we remember that it can affect either type of bone, here is how, let's look at the word osteo. Ma, it has the word asked to, which means bone. So here we're talking about bone in general, which means that it can occur and both types of bone cancellous and compact. Okay, let's look at some of the features of Osceola. Multiple RCL most of the jobs occur as a feature of gardeners syndrome.

But first we have to know what is gardener syndrome. So some of the things Features of gardener's syndrome are at the center of polyposis. Five bromas of this can impact it teeth, Auden Tillman's, supernumerary teeth, and multiple industrial austrial nose off the jaws typically at the angle of the mandible. Alright, now let's relate these features to us to gardener Centrum gardener. sounds exactly like gardener. Right?

And the gardener has access to lots of veggies and fruits that are fresh and beautiful. So what will he do with these? He will eat them. So he eats a lot. Okay, this is the key point. gardener gardener eats a lot.

Okay, so now we know that the gardener eats A lot and this will actually mess up with his stomach and intestines. So he will get intestinal poly poses. Okay? Another point regarding eating a lot is that he will need a lot of teeth to chew that which means that he will have supernumerary teeth. And don't tell me he will also need a big jaw to to. And this big jaw is provided by a stillness of the jobs that this the gardener okay.

There is another characteristic of this gardener. He likes to plant in hidden places and corners, which means that they're asked to do that this gardener has our industrial or hidden Within the bone, and occur in the corner, or the angle of the mandible. So this gardener likes to plant his osteo, Roma's, and head in places and Boston and in corners to his angle of the mandible. Okay? The final characteristic of our gardener is that he spends a lot of time in the sun. Okay, and this sun will affect his skin for sure.

So he will get five bromas of the skin. Okay. So to wrap up, a gardener eats a lot. Eating messes up with his stomach and intestines, he will get intestinal polyposis and to be able to eat a lot he needs a lot of teeth which means supernumerary teeth and automatic and big Jaws, what makes them have big Jaws, osteoporosis, and where does he like to plant these costumers? He likes to plant them in hidden places. And dasya and in the corner or the angle of the mandible and he also spends a lot of time in the sun which affects who can.

So you will get fiber most of the skin that that for a gardener

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