Ewing's Sarcoma

4 minutes
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To Ewing sarcoma clinical features, most common sites are femur and pelvic bones. How can we remember these two slides and relate them to earrings? Okay, let's look at the word he wings. Wings are the wings you see in birds and different animals. Now, if I asked you which parts of the body looks like wings or resembles wings, the answer would be the pelvis, the pelvis looks like wings. And here is how this is the first wing and this is the second ring.

Plus the femur is the extension of the pelvis. So using wings, which parts of the body has wings, the pelvis plus its extension which is the femur these are the two most commonly affected sites. Moving on to the second clinical feature, occurrence and the jaws is rare. Here is We can remember this using the same wings trick. Now what do birds do with their wings, they fly with their wings away from the jaws that are trying to eat them. So you fly away from the jaws which means that occurrence in the jaws is rare.

Okay. The third clinical feature is that the mandible is more commonly affected than the maxilla. Using the same wings trick, we're going to remember this, if I asked you which has wings, the maxilla or the mandible, answer will be the mandible Of course, and the wings are actually the remai that extend from the body of the mandible, just like wings. radiographically the periosteum often presents with laminar layering known as onion skin appearance on the end and you Wings here is how we can remember them. ie wings or coma again, wings are normal wings. And here is a close up of a bird's wings.

Now what is characteristic of these wings? these wings have layers just like the onions here. So he wings wings have layers what else has layers on the ns equals onion skin appearance. Another nice way of remembering this is that wings This time our chicken wings, the delicious chicken wings that we all love. Now what are chicken wings usually served with they're usually served with delicious onion rings. So chicken wings are served with onion rings.

Earrings, chicken wings are served with audion rings onionskin appearance, this is easy and simple. and delicious. Another way to graphic feature is that the involved bone appears moth eaten. Okay, again, holdings are the wings of the bird. Now who else has wings other than the birds? The moths have wings, too, right?

Okay, so to wrap up all the wings, we have to remember that five things have wings or resemble wings. The first of course, is the bird and the bird has wings. And with its wings it flies away from the jaws that are trying to eat it, which means that occurrence in the jaws is rare. This is the first one. The second one is the pelvis. the pelvis has wings plus extension is the femur which are the two most commonly affected sites.

The third is the mandible, which has re my that resemble what Which means that the mandible is more commonly affected than the maxilla which does not have wings. And the force is the onions that come with the chicken wings and the layering in the onions, which gives us the onion skin appearance and he wings sarcoma. And the final one is the wings of the moth, the moth eaten radiographic appearance. These are the five things that you should associate with wings pretty easy. Pretty simple.

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