Central Giant Cell Granuloma

2 minutes
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To Central giant cell granuloma, or CGC granuloma, the clinical signs and symptoms in this disorder, the Rule of Two thirds apply. What is the Rule of Two thirds? It means that two thirds of the patients are females, two thirds are under the age of 30. And two thirds of the cases occur in the mandible especially in the anterior part. Now, how can we remember that the Rule of Two thirds belonged to the CGC granuloma and all these details, let me Let's start with the rule of 230. Now let's look at CGC.

Central giants. Well, the C's here make two thirds of the CGC Alright, so that is how I remember that and CGC granuloma there's a rule of two thirds we're done. With this first part of two thirds, let's see how we can remember the other details. Central giants so granuloma, the word central here stands for center. Now imagine the center of the face or the center of the mouth, would that be anterior or posterior? It would be the anterior part.

So the central mean anterior here. Let's look at the second word which is giant. Now, what is giant or larger, the mandible or the maxilla? the mandible is larger. Right? So from the first two words, we learned that central time so granuloma in two thirds of the cases occurs in the anterior mandible.

All right. Now we are left with the young female part. If you look at the word giant, it has the GI part, and it's z. What does that remind you of? Gigi? Gigi Hadid All right.

So who is Gigi Hadid? She is a young female. All right. I know this is a bit funny. But this is one way of remembering it.

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