Pyostomatitis Vegetans

1 minutes
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For bio stomatitis within clinical features, chronic benign pasilla form of Musa cutaneous disease, how can we remember that it was a pious dermatitis? The part Pio and medical terminology stands for pus which means that is easy and direct, right? Okay. Now the cause mostly associated with inflammatory bowel diseases. Now how can we remember that paestum otitis visitations is related to bowel diseases? Here is how pious stomatitis visiting the PI parts and pious dermatitis stands for pie, the pie that you eat and busy and visit ns stands for festivals.

Okay. If we put them together we will get a pie with vegetables or with veggies which looks something like This. Now where does the pie with veggies go? It goes to your bowel and gives you bowel diseases. Because it's heavy has a lot of butter and cheese, you know? So Pio stomatitis visitings pie with veggies is related to bowel disease.

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