Burkitt's Lymphoma

6 minutes
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To Burkitt lymphoma, clinical features. It is more common in children. How can we remember that Burkitt lymphoma is more common in children. Let's see. Now burn kits if we divided into birds and kits and look at the second part, which is kids, it sounds very similar to the word, kid. So from that we know that birth kit is most common in kids or children.

That's pretty easy. Another clinical feature is that it shows us tracking for selection for primary involvement of bone. How can we remember that? Again, we will divide Burkitt lymphoma into birds and crickets. Now the second part, rickets, sounds like rickets, very similar to wicked. And records, as we all know, is a disease of growing bond.

So we're rickets occurs most commonly in bone as a primary enrollment site. And from the definition of rickets, growing bone. It should remind you that it occurs most commonly in children again. So for kids, kids, kids, most common in kids, and the rickets, rickets as a disease of growing bone. So the primary involvement side is bone and growing bone reminds us that it occurs in children. Now Burkitt lymphoma has three forms.

The first one is endemic, Burkitt lymphoma. This occurs in Africa and 95% of endemic Burkitt lymphoma cases are associated with epstein barr virus. How can we relate epstein barr virus with endemic Burkitt lymphoma that's now endemic Berkut. If we wanted to create an abbreviation for endemic Berkut it would be E, B. Now Eb can also stand for epstein barr. So Eb is associated with Eb, this is pretty easy.

Endemic Berkut is associated with epstein barr Okay. Now another feature of the endemic workers from foma is that jaw bone involvement is characteristic and 50% of cases. How can we remember that Joe bone involvement is a very common and endemic versus lymphoma. Now, Joe bone and the pronounciation is very similar to gab Woon Viper is a type of snake that is very commonly found in Africa. Okay, so, Joe bone gaboon Viper is very common in Africa, just like the endemic brackets. So when we're thinking of endemic brackets, we're thinking Africa when we're thinking of Africa, we're thinking of the guy Boone Viper, which is Joe bone.

So what is commonly found in Africa, besides endemic Burkitt? gaboon Viper, which is Joe bone involvement and endemic Burke it's a very common and other form of birth has been Soma is sporadic, Burkitt lymphoma. It occurs in North America and Europe and it affects young adults. How can we remember that poor Radek versus lymphoma affects young adults? Let's see. Now, poor and IQ.

If we look at the first part, which is poor, it is very similar to sports. Now in competitions and Olympics, who do we see most community playing sports Of course, the Young adults. So spore attic supports young adults. Okay, that's easy. Another feature of sporadic Burkitt lymphoma is that it presents as an abdominal mass and bone marrow involvement. How can we remember these two sides, abdominal bone?

Let's see. Now, as we said this poor Atticus poor sports young adults. Now why do young adults play sports? They play sports to strengthen the abdomen and the bombs. So these are the two sides that are most commonly affected by sporadic Burkitt lymphoma. So again, sporadic spore supports who plays sports young adults so sporadic versus non full markers in young adults, and why do they play sports to strengthen the abdomen, get the six packs and the bone All right.

Now a final feature of the sporadic Burkitt lymphoma is that Joe bone lesions are less common. Let's see how we can remember this. Now again, back to the Joe bone equals gaboon Viper. Now, as we said, gaboon Viper is very commonly found in Africa, and it is less commonly found in North America and Europe. So whenever you see Joe bone Goblin where would you find a goblin Viper? Good find it more commonly in Africa, and less commonly in North America and Europe.

Now moving on to the histology of Burkitt lymphoma, numerous macrophages that contain cellular debris give this tumor the classic starry sky appearance. How can we remember this term, starry sky and related to birds Get some foam. Let's see. Now burchett as we said kids equals kids. Now if you're thinking about kids then peace now something very commonly associated with kids and their sleeping time are the beautiful mo Beals kids the beds have starry sky, mobiles, the beautiful stars that turned around and hanging above a kid's crib. So were kids, kids, kids beds have starry sky, Moby, just associate kids with stars and beautiful things.


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