Calcifying Epithelial Odontogenic Tumor (CEOT)

2 minutes
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Three calcifying epithelial adaptogenic tumor co T, also known as pinboard tumor, how can you remember this other name of calcifying antigenic tumor here is now calcifying ABCD autogenic tumor is abbreviated as the E o t. If you want to read this as one word we would read it as cute. Okay, now what is cute what is not to be cute? An animal a panda is cute as you can see how cute is this panda? So co t cute. Panda is cute, and panda stands for indoor. Okay.

Radiographic features can occur as a uni or multi marketer radio decency with scalloped margins. How can you remember that? T ot has this callate margins. Now as we said, See ot Cute, cute is panda which is pinned Borg. Now what is also cute other than the panda something that you find out with each scallops are cute with their colorful rings and beautiful shape. So scallops stands for scallops.

Okay. So Cod, cute. What is cute Panda and the board and scallops, scallops. Marlins histology sheets of poly hydro cells and concentric spherical calcification, Lee's gangrene calcification. How can we remember these two histological features? As we said, again, C ot is cute and Scala are cute.

What are other features up scallops scallops live in poly Hydra or water? And here poly Hydra stands for poly hydro cells. What is another feature of scallops? scallops have colorful rings. As you can see they're very beautiful. And rings here means these gang ring calcification.

Okay, so cute scallops are cute. scallops live in water which is poly Hydra and they have colorful rings and these gang rings of calcification.

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