Sturge-Weber Syndrome

2 minutes
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The red and blue lesions, one Sturge Weber syndrome. definition this is a vascular malformation. First, we want to create a mnemonic for this definition so that we can remember the details later on. So Sturge Weber, we will divided into st, which is St. And RG is Roos or red, and web, which is a web or a network. So Sturge Weber equals St. Route web, or the red web. Now, which part of the body is a red web?

Of course, it is the web of blood vessels. So Sturge Weber, St. Andrews web is a disease that affects the web of red things or the web of blood vessels. Clinical features, it affects the veins of the cerebral cortex face, oral cavity and it also results in Europe. physical manifestations. malformations appear clinically as poor twines things. How can we remember these two features?

Let's see. Now, as we said Sturge Weber equals St. Louis web or St. Read web. Now, we said that the first web is the web of blood vessels. And the second red web is the web of red things that women use. Okay, so what does this web of red things that woman us consists of, let's woman put red on their hands have red hair, which means that it affects the cerebral cortex. This is the first one and they also put red on their faces red blusher, so it means that it affects the face.

And they put red on their mouth, which is red lipstick, so it affects the oral cavity. And all these red things that they put drive the men crazy, which means it was Same neurological manifestations. And then they sit peacefully and drink red wine, which means port wine stains. So Sturge Weber is thing truth lab, which is the web of red things. The blood vessels plus the web have read things that women use. red hair equals cerebral cortex, red blusher equals face and red lipstick equals oral cavity all these things drive them crazy, which means neurological manifestations and after they drive them and crazy with all these red things, they sit peacefully and they drink red wine, which equals port wine things.

Okay? This is easy. So whenever you see that Izzy's Sturge Weber, you want to think where is Bruce? Put St. George Webb Where is Bruce put? All right.

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