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Three osteoporosis. Now another name for osteoporosis is marble bone disease. How can we relate this name with osteoporosis? Let's see. Let's look at the name osteo pet roses. It has the part asked to pets.

Which means bone pet name. Now think along with me as bone had a pet name. What would it be? It would be marble. Why is that? It's because marble, just like bone is strong and white.

So osteo pets is bone osteo pet name, which is marble. Why? Because it's strong and white. Just like Alright, so question. What is osteopath name? The answer is Marble because it's white and strong, just like we're done with the other name of osteoporosis.

Let's move on to the definition of osteoporosis. osteoporosis is an inherited condition resulting in decreased osteo Classic bone remodeling and the abnormally increased bone density. We're going to combine this definition with prognosis. The prognosis is poor and usually results in death from infection or an email. That How can we remember what is osteoporosis, and it's prognosis just by looking at the name of the condition. Let's see.

Now we already know that osteoporosis is marble bone disease. Now marble, unlike normal bone is dense with no spaces. If you look at any marble table top you can see that there's not Have any pores it does not have any spaces. applying that to bone, it would mean that bone and marble bone disease is very dense and it has no space for bone marrow. And when there is no bone marrow, there is no blood cell production, which means anemia and infections. So osteopath osteopath name is a marble.

Marble is dense with no spaces, which means no spaces in bone for the bone marrow, no blood cell production resulting in anemia and infections, which ultimately result in the poor prognosis that can lead to death.

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