Genes Associated with Ameologenesis Imperfecta

5 minutes
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Now let's look at the genes associated with mutagenesis. imperfecta. mutations and five genes have been associated with Emil Genesis imperfecta. That's the first gene we're going to discuss is Emil x gene, which is associated with the protein and the low Jeanine. It takes parts and the excellent diffuses, smooth hypoplastic type and hypo maturation side of mutagenesis and perfect. Now, how can we remember that a mutex and gene is associated with immunogenicity and takes part in the excellent type of this disorder.

Let's look at a meal x. m u stands for me lo Janine while x stands for excellent. So whenever you look at me an X, me is for me, Jenny and x is for x linked and since it doesn't contain Anything specific regarding hypoplastic or hypo maturation, so it involves Lem books. The second gene we're going to discuss is a Nam gene, which is associated with enameling. This gene takes part in the autosomal dominant and recessive hypoplastic Emil Genesis imperfecta ranging from minor piercing to diffuse generalized than enamel. Now let's look at the name of the gene which is e and Ei, e Nam. ina M stands for anomaly and when you first look at the letters that compromise the name of this gene, E and A.

The first word that comes to your mind is name. And this gene covers a wide range of things, or as we say, you name it from this weekend know that it affects all forms O'Donnell dominant and recessive and the clinical presentation ranges from Wiener fitting to diffuse generalized thin enamel. Now we covered everything except the hypo plastic type. Name. Where would you write your name? Would you write your name on my tour or on plastic, which would make more sense, you would write your name on plastic.

Alright. So in our, in our mullein in name, you name it, it means that it covers all forms. O'Donnell dominant and recessive and it has a wide range of clinical presentation from minor fitting to diffuse, generalized, thin enamel and you write your name on plastic, which is hypo plastic Emil Genesis imperfecta. The third gene we will be covering is an mp 20 gene which codes for protein is named as enamel license. Now this gene takes part in the autosomal recessive pigmented hypo maturation and mutagenesis imperfecta. Here is how you can remember these details for the M p the two M's here stand for hypo maturation and if you're telling me that there is also a P which can stand for hypo plastic, I will tell you that two M's Trump one p Okay.

Now with a p here stands for pigmented and it also stands for proteins. Now whenever you see the word protein as you remember the word light which is breaking down and here the protein is is enamel lice and Okay, so P protein as protease is breaking down protein or lysing protein which gives us an On the license. Now we are left with the detail that says that mp 20 gm takes parts and the auto zomo recessive, pigmented hyper maturation and mutagenesis imperfecta. How can we remember the recessive part? Now let's look at the m. t. If you were to pronounce it, you would pronounce it as month or mumps. So what can give you mumps?

Think of something that is so heavy and so sweet that it would mess up with your salivary glands. What would it be? It would be Reese's. Reese's chocolate peanut butter cups can give you mumps because they're so sweet and so heavy. Now Reese's sounds like what? It sounds like.

Recessive, so MMP moms, what gives you mums Reese's Reese's equals recessive. Let's look at the MMP gene another time and give you hypo maturation and we said that the to m b to the one p, the P here stands for pigmented and it also stands for protease, which is an amo license and the whole MMP stands for mums. And what gives you a mums Reese's cups which means that it is receptive

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