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Welcome to lesson one. Let's get started. Chapter One developmental defects of the tongue. The first disorder we will cover is micro glos. Yeah. Let's first look at the cause of micro glossier micro glossier is mostly associated with a group of overlapping conditions not as oral mandibular limb hyper Genesis syndrome.

Now, this is pretty easy to remember, forum and the biller limb hyper Genesis, we have hyper Genesis and the oral and mandibular structures, one of them being the tongue, which results in micro glows. Yeah, that was pretty easy to remember. But now comes the difficult part. Let's see what exactly is the syndrome. This syndrome is characterized by limp abnormalities such as absence of the fingers, not as high productivity and partial or total absence of building Non as hypo Amelia. Now how can we remember that hyperduck Delia is related to the fingers while hypo Emilia is related to the limb and not cross over between them and mix up.

Here is how. Let's start with hypo ducktail. Yeah, let's look at the part. Duck tail. Yeah. Duck tail.

Yeah, sounds like tactile. Now, I want you to think of which part of your body has the most tactile sensation. That's right, you guessed it. tactile sensation is in the fingers. So hypo ducktail. Yeah, tactile Yeah.

Tactile. tactile equals fingers. Let's move on to hypo Emilia. Emilia. Sounds like mill, which is a treadmill. Now what would you look like?

When you're running on a treadmill, just imagine that you'd probably look something like that. You'd be running, you'd be moving your arms and your legs. So when you run on the treadmill, you move your limbs, your arms and legs, hypo Amelia Amelia, meal, running on the treadmill equals moving your limbs, which are your arms and your legs. I hope that's clear. Another nice way to relate micro glossier with limp hyper Genesis, is to imagine a little kid with a small time. Having a small tongue means that he's shy and doesn't talk a lot.

He's that little kid that is always sitting by himself. This little polite guy would also have short arms, meaning that he doesn't hit other kids. Okay? Having a small town being shy is also associated with having short arms, which means that he doesn't go out and hit other kids.

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