Cemento-Ossifying Fibroma

3 minutes
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To segmental ossifying fibroma clinical features well demarcated and capsulated benign neoplasm. How can we remember these features? Let's look at the name cemento ossifying fibroma. And let's take the first letter of each word c o f, we will assume that CLF equals cough and cough is an actual word, a verb and we will get covered which sounds like covered right. So, when something is covered, it means that it is encapsulated and well demarcated. So c o f, cough covered, equals covered, covered means encapsulated, and well demarcate All right.

Let's see another clinical feature occurs most often in the pre molar molar region of the mandible. How can we remember this exact region? Let's see. This time we're going to take the C The O and the F fi from fibroma. And we will get coffee. Which means coffee.

The coffee that you drink now, who drink more coffee, a man or a woman? A man drinks more coffee and man means mandible. Okay, so now we know that it is most common in the mandible. The question is, when does this man drink the coffee he Doing some coffee all the time in the morning and at night, which means in the M for morning and BM for night. m and b m here stand for molder and pre molder. Okay, so question who drinks coffee, which is cement ossifying fibroma man in M and pm which is morning and night and here man stands for a mandible and molar pm pre modern.

Okay. Moving on to the radiographic features that is well demarcated radio Lucent area. How can we remember this? Going back to the coffee trick. Now how does coffee make You feel after you drink it, it makes you feel sharp and bright. Here sharp means well demarcated.

It has sharp borders and bright means radio. Lucent, bright means light. Right? So, cement toxifying fibroma Coffee GFI makes you sharp and bright, sharp as well demarcated. Bright is ready to sense

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