Acute Suppurative Osteomyelitis

1 minutes
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Acute seperated osteomyelitis and this condition anaerobic organisms free dominate, which are for sure ammonius and Prevotella species. How can we remember that the organisms free dominating or anti Robic and their names let's look at the name acute separator osteomyelitis. Let's start with the A, A here stands for and I Arabic. The two peas in separator stands for, for pheromones and Prevotella. This is how you can remember, you just have to train your eye to see those whenever you see the name of this condition. The radiographic appearance of acute separated osteomyelitis is as follows.

In the early stages, it may appear normal, while after 10 to 14 days. You can see moth eaten areas, radio loosens See, how can you remember this term moth eaten areas of radial decency and related to this disorder? Here is how acute separator of osteomyelitis let's look at the part supper and separator. This part is pronounced as supper. Now what do you do with supper, supper is eaten and this should remind you That's a cute supper, ative osteomyelitis, has moth eaten radiographic appearance

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