Hypomaturation Amelogenesis Imperfecta

2 minutes
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Hypo maturation and Neo Genesis imperfecta clinical signs and symptoms It has two types pigmented and snowcapped. Now how can you know that these two types belong to the hypo maturation and not to the hypoplastic angiogenesis imperfecta Here is how let's look at the word hypo maturation it contains the word match your now match your people what do they look like? They look like this. What is most significant in this photo we can see that they were snow caps and they have many pigmentations or freckles. So hypo maturation match your match your people we are snow caps, and they have pigmentations Now let's see what each of these two types presents us. In the pigmented type the enamel has a brown mottled appearance.

Now pigmentation equals freckles has we sew and the photo and these are freckles are brown muscles or dots. This is easy right now the snow cap type presents with a quite enamel on the incisal or occlusal edge. How can we relate the names no cap with a Paik white enamel on the incisal occlusal edge. Here is how let's look at the words no cap. It means that the tooth is kept and the cap is worn on the upper part of something or the head of something which is the incisal or occlusal edge of the tooth and it is kept with snow. Snow is opaque and white like this photo So, the tubes in place of the tree trunk is covered with a Paik white enamel or snow

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