Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

3 minutes
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Ah neoplastic lymphoid lesions one non Hodgkins lymphoma, clinical features. Most common extra nodal site is gi T and extra nodal sites large B cell lymphoma is the most common phenotype. How can we remember all these sites and that makes up between them? Well, first we have to create a nickname for each of these terms. Let's see how none Hodgkin will be. No hot dog.

None Hodge can no hot dog. Then extra nodal will be extra noodles. Okay. Then gi t will be get CIT get get and large B cell will be large ball large v so large ball. If we Put them together we will get my order of noodles. No hot dog extra noodles large bowl is what I get when I order noodles.

Okay, so this sentence or this order of noodles will help you remember the sights and phenotype of non Hodgkins lymphoma. No hot dog extra noodles large bowl is what I get. This is easy. Now, let's revise it again. No hot dog extra noodles large bowl is what I get. Now hot dog, as we said is non Hodgkins extra noodles is extra nodal.

So now we know we're talking about extra nodal non Hodgkins lymphoma. And the most common phenotype is large ball large B cell and the most common side is get or gi T. Okay moving on to another clinical piece Which says the most common types of lymphoma and adults are large B cell lymphoma and follicular lymphoma. How can you remember that these two types are the most common ones and adults. Let's see. Now, a large B cell as we said is large ball and follicular will be full. So when adults eat, do they need a small balls or large balls to be full?

They need to eat large balls to feel full. Or we can say that adults need full large balls. Okay, they can't eat just little amounts and be satisfied. They need full large balls. So to revise it I don't need full large balls. Adults, the most common type of lymphoma that occurs in adults is full follicular lymphoma and large bubbles.

Large B cell lymphoma. Okay.

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