Fibrous Dysplasia

3 minutes
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Three fibrous dysplasia, the cause gain and function mutation and the gene encoding the signal transducing G protein. How can we remember that it is caused by a mutation in a gene, and that this gene encodes for the G protein, let's say looking at fibers dysplasia, the first word is fibrous. Now what is fibrous, which material is fibrous jeans as fibrous, as you can see. So jeans. Me means machines. All right.

Now, how can we remember the G protein part? We're going to say that we got our genes from the G genes, Brent. So fibers this plays Yeah, it's caused by geez In which is the gene coding for the G protein okay. So, what is fibrous g genes is fibrous which is the G gene alright. Clinical features most cases are mono static or affect one How can we remember that it is mono static again fibrous equals genes. So, who wears jeans both men and women wear jeans which means that jeans are mono sex or unisex as we say.

So, mono equals one a static so fibrous jeans jeans are mana sex or mono static okay Now in the pony a static type of fibers dysplasia, there is a subdivision on as Jeff type. Now this is a term used to describe the condition when three fourths of the skeleton is involved. How can we remember the Jaf and the three fourths and that they are all within the fibrous dysplasia? Okay, fibrous dysplasia sounds like fabulous display or screen. Okay, fibers, dysplasia, fabulous display or screen just like this one. Now, this screen is a three by four screen and guess who appears on this fabulous display.

Jeff Bridges the actor and Iron Man appears on a three by four fabulous display. Which means that Jeff type is when three fourths of the skeleton is involved in fibrous dysplasia. A Another characteristic of the polio static type is that McCune Albright syndrome includes all the static fibrous dysplasia as part of its presentation. How can relate mckuen Albright to fibrous dysplasia fibrous dysplasia again, sounds like fabulous display or screen. Now for a screen to be nice and fabulous. It has to be bright, just like this screen right?

So, being all bright is part of a fabulous display. What is parts of being a fabulous display or fibrous dysplasia? It has to be all bright is MacEwan Albright syndrome.

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