Odontogenic Myxoma

1 minutes
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Seven adaptogenic next zoma clinical features it occurs in tooth bearing area of either jaw. How can you remember that adaptogenic Musoma can occur in either jaw here is how a dental genic makes oma here, the MCs stands for magdala and the MA stands for mandible. So adaptogenic makes o ma occurs and maxilla or and mandible, okay? Another clinical feature is that lesions can cross them in line. Here is how we can remember it again and Miss Zama there is an X. X is also called a cross, right? So it crosses the midline.

I don't Edenic makes zoma hex cross crosses the midline Moving on to the radiographic features multi ocular honeycombed. How can we remember this adaptogenic exam? Again, we're talking about the x. Now what has a shape similar to an x? a honey come has shaped similar to access. Okay, so then the genic make zoma has an X.

A honeycomb also has something similar to an X

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