Paget's Disease of Bone

6 minutes
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Less than three. Let's get started. Chapter nine metabolic bone conditions, Paget's disease of bone. Now, Paget's disease is a disease that causes abnormal deposition and resorption of bone. How can we remember it? Now patch it is very similar to the word pages.

As you can see these pages. Now with these pages, you wouldn't know whether to turn these pages up or down. turning the pages up or down here stands for the position, or resorption. So Paget equals pages. You don't know whether to turn the pages up or down. So you don't know whether to deposit or to resorb bone.

Now let's look at the clinical features. Whites are affected More than blacks and Paget's disease. How can we remember this? Again, Paget's is very similar to pages. Now, what is characteristic of pages or papers? pages or papers are white.

So white people are affected more than black and Paget's disease. Moving on to another clinical feature, it is most common in older adults more than 40 years of age. Again, how can we remember that? Paget's has the words age within it. So from that we know that Paget's disease affects aged people or old people. Moving on to another clinical feature, we Most cases are probably off topic and policies, which means they affect more than one button.

How can we remember that? Now, Paget's as we said, equals pages. Now pages is not a single page. It is many pages. All right. Many pages means many bones or poly osteoporotic.

So Paget's pages, many pages, many bones, which means poly orthotic. Another clinical feature of Paget's disease is that in extreme cases that enlargement can result in line like face deformity. Non as Leon chaff is osseo. How can we remember that Paget's disease is associated with line like face deformity? Again, let's look at the word Paget's. This word is very similar to P jaw, which is the car brand that has the lion logo.

So, from the lion logo, we know that it's associated with the lion like face deformity. So Paget's Petia Peter line logo, which means line like face deformity. All right, let's see the radiographic features of this disease. And the early stage that is characterized by decreased bone density and ultra Trebek color pattern parts you can particularly in this call non as osteoporosis or comes crypto. Now, this is difficult name to remember, and to associate with pandas disease. Let's see how we can remember this.

Now let's look at the word circum scripta. It has the word script in it Now, what is a script? a script is the early stage of a song or a movie. And where would you write the script? You would write the script on pages which stands for pattern. Alright, so in the exam, if you have a question that says, Where is osteoporosis, circumscribed deceit, you look at the word circum scripta.

You find the word script. What is a script script is an early stage of something. Where would you write the script? You would write it on pages, which is Paget's. So you know that script is the early stage of Paget's. Now, another radiographic feature is that in the late stage, this time osteoblast sick phase is characterized by patchy areas of sclerotic bone which gives cotton wool appearance.

Again, we want to relate cotton wool with Paget's. Paget's, as we said equals pages. Now what is characteristic of pages? That's right. pages or papers are white just like cotton. Paget's pages pages are white.

What is also white cotton is white. Moving on to the histology of patches disease. And this erotic phase of the late stage Paget's disease is characterized by jigsaw or music appearance of bone. How can we remember this? Now, Paget's as we said, has the word age within it. Now we want to look at the late stage of Paget's, which means we want to look at the late stage of age when people are in the late stage.

Of their age. We say that they are old. Now what do old people do? They play jigsaw and make mosaic art. You know, because they are retired and have a lot of free time. So late stage of Paget's equals late stage of age, which means old people will do all people do.

They play jigsaw and make mosaic art.

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