Ameloblastoma: Part 1

3 minutes
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Less than five. Let's get started. Chapter 15 autogenic tumors, we will start with a mula blastoma. pathogenesis can originate from the developing enamel, Oregon, the HDD lining of an adaptogenic cyst or from the base and then layer of the oral mucosa. How can we remember these three possible origins? Let's see, if we look at the word Emilio blastoma and break it down into Emil O, bl and as Toma, the first part mula which stands for enamel, so that's the first possible origin and the O which is the autogenic fist.

That is the second possible origin and bl stands for basin layer of oral mucosa. Okay, so here we have a meal. Oh bl give you the three possible origins of neuroblastoma clinical features mostly affects the mandible specifically posterior and mandible. How can we remember this? Emmylou blastoma if we take that as an I am and the low has been something not high, but low, we will get low. Now what is low the maxilla or the mandible?

Of course, the mandible is low. And if I say that something is low, would it be anterior or would it be posterior? It would be posterior. So, low blastoma occurs mostly in the posterior mandible. Okay, and the low blastoma Low, low mandible and low posterior posterior mandible. Another clinical feature eggshell crackling which is diagnostic of mula blastoma.

Here is how we can remember eggshell crackling and associated with a Nilo blastoma. Now, me lo and me a little blastoma reminds me of the word neon, which is part of an egg. Okay? So um yellow neon, neon as part of an egg which would remind you that it has egg so crackling Okay, um Hello, young egg, egg shell crackling laughs easy right. Moving on to the radiographic features. So bubble appearance, how can we remember this?

House we said hello equals and now it has a very similar appearance and also breaks easily, just like an egg. That is right. A soap bubble has a very similar appearance and also breaks easily, just like an egg. So I'm yellow egg. egg is similar to a soap bubble so soap bubble radiographic appearance

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