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D neural tissue lesions, one new really mobile clinical features occurs on the tongue. How can we remember that new really moment occurs on the tongue? Here is how you really Mama. If we take the second part, the MoMA, it sounds like the mama or mom. Okay? So you're really the mama equals mom.

And just like most moms, this mom talks a lot. Okay? And talking a lot, of course is associated with the time. So nearly Lu Mama, the mama or mom talks a lot. tongue, the mama equals tongue. Okay.

Another clinical feature is that it presents as raised freely movable nodule on empathetic, peripheral or cranial nerves. How can we remember these three things Let's see. Neil really mama again? No mama means mum. Now this mom has two beautiful children. As you can see, how does this mother raise these children with a C raise them to be she raises them to be free and sympathetic with other people.

And here raises means raised on to free means freely movable. sympathetic means sympathetic nerves. So Newry lymphoma, lymphoma raises her children to the free and sympathetic raised ideal freely movable sympathetic nerves. That's easy right. Now, it is also known as Schwann oma plus the histology to microscopic patterns. Anthony a semi the How can we remember the other names Elma and the histology and Tony and Anthony the best.

Now again back to the mama, the mother, which has a beautiful family consisting of her husband, whose name is Shawn, her girl, which has Antonia and her boy, Anthony boy. Solo Mama loves her husband Sean, and both her children Antonia and Anthony. Boy. Shawn here is one Alma Antonia is Anthony. And Anthony boy is Anthony. B.

Okay, so you're in the MoMA. MoMA has a husband Sean, her baby girl Antonia and her boy, Anthony boy or Anthony a and Anthony D. Okay now histology Antony a organized spindle cells forming very k buddy's wild and Anthony be less cellular and less organized with a random arrangement of spend ourselves. How can we differentiate between Anthony and Anthony B and not mix up between them? Let's see. Let's first start with Vera Kay. Now this word reminds me of the word pair rukh which is wait so very key pair, Luke wig, and French.

Now, if we think about a week who is more likely to be interested in making wigs for long smooth hair? Antonia or Anthony B? Of course, Antonia. Antonia is a girl and girls are known to be more organized and like to play with the spindle to form a Farooq is very K. So Antonia Anthony a is more organized and likes to play with a spindle spindle cells to Make a group which is very k buddies. Okay, this is how we can remember Anthony. Hey, here Antonio.

Moving on to Anthony B. Or Anthony boy. Now boys are known to be less organized and very random. So Anthony boy is not organized spindle cells are randomly arranged. Okay, so new really mama mom has her husband Sean sua nama. And to me B which is Anthony boy is not organized and those cells are randomly arranged.

While the girl which is Antonia Anthony a is more organized and uses a spindle spindle cells to make a group which is very K. buddies. Okay.

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