Hodgkin's Lymphoma

5 minutes
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Three Hodgkin's lymphoma. histological features, Reed Sternberg cells must be present for a diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma. Read Sternberg cells are characterized by their large size and by lobe nucleus with each lobe having its own nucleus. How can we relate read Sternberg cells with Hodgkin's lymphoma? And also remember the characteristics or the features of the cells? Let's see.

We will first start by Hodge cans. Now if you remember from the non Hodgkins lymphoma, we said that non Hodgkins equals no hot dog. So HUD equals hot dog. Now hot dog is rent and when something is red, we can say that it is register and register equals read sir. Okay, so Hodgkins hot dog hot dogs are Webster's read Sternberg cells, okay. Now we want to remember the features of these cells if we look at the word read and the center of this word which has to eat.

So the center or the nucleus of read has two E's or it has two lobes, okay? Each lobe is an E. And if you look at the E, it has something like a closed half circle, which we can say is a nucleus. So by looking at the word read, and we can see that the center or the nucleus has two ears or has two lobes, and each lobe has a closed Center, which is a nucleus. This is how we can remember the features up the reed Sternberg cells just by looking at the word rate Moving on to the types of Hodgkin's lymphoma, the first one is lymphocytic rich, it has the most favorable prognosis. Now, by looking at the word rich, we know that being rich is favorable. Okay?

So, favorable prognosis for the cyclic rich being rich, it's favorable favorable prognosis. We can also say that since it is lymphocytic rich, it has lots of lymphocytes, which are healthy things, and it has less of the other weird stuff that can give a poor prognosis to a disorder. So lymphocytic which has lots of lymphocytes and less of the other weird stuff. So we can say that the prognosis would be good. Okay. Now, the second type is nodular sclerosis.

It is the most common form And here is how we can remember this. Now by looking at the words nodular sclerosis and dividing them into not you for you and R for r u r and s for So, see for common we will get not you are so common. Okay so nodular sclerosis is not you are so common and this is how we can remember that nodular sclerosis is a very common form of Hodgkin's lymphoma. histological features collagen fibers penetrate the lymph nodes subdividing it into islands of tumor. Of course now we're talking about the nodular sclerosis Hodgkin's lymphoma. How can we remember that nodular sclerosis Hodgkin's lymphoma is seen as Ireland's have tumor under the microscope.

Let's see. Now from Name nodular sclerosis. nodular means consists of nodules of tumor. And when we say that it consists of nodules of tumor or anything, it means that it consists of islands nodules equals islands of tumor, and sclerosis is naturally related to fibers. So, fibers dividing it into islands of tumor, this is the histological description of nodular sclerosis is fibers and dividing it into islands of tumor or nodules of tumor. Now, the third type is mixed cellularity and the fourth type is lymphocytic depletion.

Let's talk about the lymphocytic depletion type. It has the least favorable prognosis. Here is how we can remember it. lymphocytic the depletion again depletion means something poor or poor and lymphocytes and being poor is not favorable and thus it has a poor prognosis or a prognosis that is not favorable. Okay. Now, another way of remembering it is that lymphocytic depletion means that it has few lymphocytes, so, it has lots of the other weird stuff that will make the prognosis poor.

All right. So, lymphocytic rich has a lot of lymphocytes and thus it has a good prognosis because it has less of the other weird stuff that would make it more malignant. While the lymphocytic depletion has fewer lymphocytes and lots of other weird stuff which makes the prognosis poor

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