Dentin Dysplasia

3 minutes
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The fifth disorder dentin dysplasia. The inheritance pattern of dentin dysplasia is otomo dominant. How can we remember that? This is quite simple. Let's look at the words dentin and dysplasia. They both start with a letter D. D stands for dominance.

Now let's move on to the types of dentin dysplasia. We have two types, type one and type two. Again, dentin dysplasia has not only one, but two D. This means that it has two deeds. These two these should mean that it has two types, type one and type two. Till now it's quite simple, very straightforward. Now let's look at the radiographic appearance of dentin dysplasia.

Dentin dysplasia type one the bulk chambers and permanent Are creason shape. Denton dysplasia look at the D. What does it remind you of? It reminds you of a recent right? How does it look like a present here is an illustration. Here is the stick and here is the recent. So Denton dysplasia type one, we will look at the first letter, which is the D and the D is creason shape and dentin displays your type to the chambers and permanent teeth are fissel shaped or tube shaped.

Now here we start to mix it up a little bit between type one and type two. Let's look at type two. The two here looks like a tube. It looks exactly like a two So now we know that type two is tube shaped, while type one, which is the one D, the D is crescent shaped. Another radiographic characteristic is that dentin dysplasia, type one presents with normal coronal enamel and dentin while the roots are the problem. All right, and dentin dysplasia type two, the root length is normal while the problem is in the coronal part.

How can we remember these and not mix up between the one and the two which one is normal? And which one is the problem here? Let's look at this tooth. And let's look at the number one and type one. The one looks like a fruit. It is thin, just like the route.

Well, the number two looks like the crown If we place it here, it's fixed perfectly. So in the exam, just make a quick sketch. The two goes in the crown and the thin one goes in the thinner part which is the root

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