Diffuse Sclerosing Osteomyelitis

3 minutes
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Diffuse sclerosing osteomyelitis, clinical features it is asymptomatic. How can you remember that if you sclerosing osteomyelitis is asymptomatic. Look at the words diffused sclerosing and osteomyelitis. If we take the first two letters in each word we will get di, SC. O s, which results in this code. How is that related to being asymptomatic?

People in the discos don't feel anything. Just imagine people dancing in the Disco's. They're having fun and they're not feeling anything. All right. Moving on to the epidemiology. It is seen among black elderly females.

Now this is a bit difficult to remember. I hope I can make it easier for you Here is an illustration of a disco. People dancing lights shining now Guess Who's there? Three old black ladies dancing and having the time of their lives. You would never forget this. So and the Disco's which is the fuse sclerosing osteomyelitis, there are these three black elderly ladies dancing and having the time of their lives.

I'm sure this image just got printed into your brain forever. Let's go back to the clinical features. All four quadrants can be affected. This is quite easy. From the name diffuse sclerosing asked in my lightest the word this use should mean that it is widespread. It is widespread into aspects.

The first is widespread area Which means that all four quadrants are affected. Alright, the second aspect of being diffuse or widespread is protracted clinical course. Again, diffuse widespread timeframe this time, which means protracted clinical course. Okay. So diffuse sclerosing osteomyelitis, the word diffuse should mean to you that it is widespread into aspects, widespread area. All four quadrants are affected and widespread timeframe, which means protracted clinical course.

Let's see the radiographic appearance of diffuse sclerosing osteomyelitis. The radiographic appearance is known as cotton wool appearance. Again, it's from the name diffuse sclerosing osteomyelitis, which means This uses threads of bone formation. These switch your look something like this white threads. Now this is actually cuts in rule and that's why it has cotton wool appearance. So diffuse the threads of bone formation are disused, why threads just like the cotton wool

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