Oral Malignant Melanoma

2 minutes
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See increased number of melanocytes one or a malignant melanoma, clinical signs and symptoms more than 70% affect the maxilla. Around 50% affect the heart palate and around 25% affected NGV and are the ridges. How can we remember these types in order for the oral malignant melanoma? Let's see. Now if we wanted to create an abbreviation for oral malignant melanoma, which will be Oh, Ma, mi, or mammy, which sounds like a mommy which is the fifth thing. Now, when do you taste this mommy?

A mommy is Max in the palate when you drink ginger ale. So mommy is maximum and the palate which is the tasting product when you drink ginger. The translation for this sentence is as follows. Ax equals the Magna Carta. So this is the most common sight and palette is the heart palette, which comes next. And then ginger stands for Jinja and ale stands for alveolar ridge.

So Amami is Max first is the maxima in the palate. The second is the heartbeat. It's when you drink ginger ale, Ginger Kava and alveolar ridge. So mommy is Max and the palates when you drink zero. Yeah, this is the mnemonic for oral malignant melanoma, clinical pathological types of melanoma, the first superficial spreading melanoma radical growth phase. It is the most common cutaneous melanoma.

How can we remember that superficial spreading melanoma is the most common melanoma. But now superficial spreading if we take super From superficial and spreading, we will get super spreading when something is super spreading it means that it is very common. It is super common. So superficial spreading is super spreading super common. All right. Another clinical feature is that it is slightly more common in men.

Now, men are known to drink more and milk more and thus they are more prone to get melanomas. Okay, this is easy.

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