Intrinsic Staining- Ciprofloxacin

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CHAPTER THREE environmental alterations of teeth, this coloration of teeth, intrinsic staining ciprofloxacin. Now one of the causes for intrinsic staining is superflex acid which is used for infant type klebsiella infection, and this drug produces a greenish tooth. This coloration here is the mnemonic for it. Warning This mnemonic will make you want to pack your bags and go travel right away. Let's see what it is. Cipro flux Sasson, the part Cipro reminds you of the word Cyprus, which is a very beautiful country with amazing nature and amazing scenery.

Now what is characteristic of Cyprus in this photo, it is green and it has a lot of trees. Right. So What color is Cypress or it's the bro flux Hasson. It is green. Whenever you see the word Cipro flux tasin. You directly remember, Cypress Cypress is green.

Or the question can come as which of the following options causes green and trinsic staining. And this case you ask yourself, what is green and this image should come to your mind. Cypress is green

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