Hemangioma of Bone

1 minutes
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Three humans Yama have bone clinical features more common in the mandible than in the maxilla. How can we remember this? Let's look at the word humans yoma and divided into he, which means he has a fear of calling in ma'am. And Ma'am, which is a ma'am. Thank you Now, hey, and Ma'am, what can they possibly stand for? They stand for a lamb which stands for mandible.

Okay? So he man Yama he m equals a man man equals mandible. Moving on to the radiographic features now. Humans Yama has been renewed graphic honey come appearance. Okay. So how can we really tiny compared to humans you know?

Again we will divide the word Team angioma. But this time into he and man's you, which is mango. Okay? Now, if I add the he and the mango together, I will get. He's mango. Now mango is very sweet, right?

So when I say that someone is mango, it means that he is sweet. Like a honey come. Okay. So he man Yama he's a mango. So he's sweet like, honey come. Okay.

Whenever you see the part, mango, you right away from Amber. Honey, honey come okay.

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