Multiple Myeloma

3 minutes
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Multiple myeloma, lab findings urine and serum electrophoresis reveal monoclonal gammopathy mostly ICG and free Kappa and lambda light chains known as events stones, protein, urea, how can we remember these and relate them to multiple myeloma? Okay, let's first look at the word multiple myeloma, and we will divide it into multiple my Lola. Multiple here stands for multiply. And my, just my present something is mine. And Lola, is Luma. Now Luma are the small little characters in the Super Mario game.

Okay, so multiply my Luma in the Super Mario game. game here stands for gamble. pathi Okay. So now we're done with that gammopathy lab finding. Within this game, there is another character that is not as Jonathan John's, which is this character with the shark hat. Now, Jonathan John's sounds like Ben's Johns, which gives you Bence Jones protein urea.

Okay. Now moving on to his thoughts. Multiple myeloma is characterized by proliferation of neoplastic plasma cells. How can we relate plasma cells to multiple myeloma? Here is how, again, multiple myeloma multiply my Luma in the Super Mario game. Now, where was this game displayed?

It was displayed on a plasma screen so Multiply my lumas and the game that is displayed on my plasma TV. And plasma here will give you plasma cells. Okay, so multiply my Luma and the game gammopathy. And there's the other character which is Jonathan Johns, which gives you Bence Jones protein urea, and the whole game is displayed on the plasma TV, which gives you plasma cells and the word multiple will give you proliferation. Finally, radiographically rated graphically multiple myeloma is characterized by the punched out appearance. How can we remember this term and relate it to multiple myeloma.

Again, multiple my Loma, my lumas and the game will punch you or Well fights you. So multiple my Loma my Luma will punch you which gives you punched out radiographic appearance.

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