Lingual Thyroid Nodule

2 minutes
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Now the third disorder lingual thyroid nodule. Now this is going to be a little bit funny, especially to those of you who are females, and we'll see why it's funny now. Now the epidemiology of lingual thyroid nodule. It is more common in females, and it is apparent during puberty and adolescence. Now epidemiology is one of the hardest things to memorize an oral pathology. There's really no scientific way of relating the age group and the gender in which this disorder occurs in with the characteristics of any disorder really.

So let's see how we can remember this. I want you to imagine that the lingual thyroid nodule is equal to a tongue and a throat with something extra, like this actual image of building your thyroid nodule, that sign and us With something extra. Now girls during puberty and adolescence, talk a lot. Okay the age group in which this disorder occurs and our girls during puberty and adolescence and we know that they talk a lot just like in the famous movie scenes where they are talking 24 seven on the phone with their friends on God knows what. This is just something that we all know we can all agree on. Okay, so how is this related to the lingual sired module?

Now, as we said that lingual thyroid nodule is a tongue gonna throat with something extra. It's as if it's an upgraded, done, and throat that can keep talking on and on for hours. So who has it done with something x With an upgrade that doesn't tire The answer is girls during puberty and adults all right

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