Periapical Cemento-osseous Dysplasia

2 minutes
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Chapter 10 benign fibrosis lesions. Let's start with Perry apical cemento osseous dysplasia. The clinical features of this disorder. asymptomatic accidental radiographic finding predominantly involves lower anterior Peri apical region, solitary or multiple regions multiple regions are more frequent, and female predilection 14 to one. Now all these features might seem almost impossible to remember and relate with the name of the disorder, but there is nothing impossible with mnemonics. Let's see how.

If we look at the name of the disorder, periapical cemento osseous dysplasia, and we take the very first letter of each word, we will get the C o d p caught. Now if we replaced the very last letter with an S we will get p costs, which is polycystic ovary syndrome are very well known syndrome, right? How are we going to use this P costs in our mnemonic, that's now p costs polycystic ovary syndrome has certain features is asymptomatic. It's predominantly involves lower end theater, a very apical region, which in the human body correspond to the ovaries and the reproductive system. And it presents with multiple lesions from the name Polycystic. And it has female predilection and fact it only affects females right?

And so you can see that P cos is almost identical to peacock and the features. So we converted Perry apical, segmental osseous dysplasia p card into p costs and the features of this syndrome Apply to the oral disorder.

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