Macroglossia: Part 4 (Bonus: Acromegaly and Gigantism)

2 minutes
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Moving on to acromegaly and gigantism. When you first look at these two words, you can notice right away the omega and the Ganga, which tell you right away that they're related to growth hormone. Something that has grown something that is big mega Giga. Now the difficult part is how to remember which is related to childhood and which is related or occurs in adulthood. Here is how you can remember now, let's look at acro mega Lee. We're going to assume that the ACC and acromegaly stands for acquired increase in growth hormone, okay.

Now when you know that it is acquired but comes right to your mind is that occurs in adulthood. Right. So are CRO, mega Lee acquired equals adulthood. Let's look at guidances and more gigantism. Look at these two nice G's right here. Now what has the G acquired or congenital?

Right? The word congenital has a G and growth hormone has another G. So these two G's and the two G's and gigantism, when you see these two G's congenital increase in gross hormone, it will right away give you that this occurs in childhood, okay, or you can just remember one of them and you know that the other is in the other period of life. Okay, so let's just say that acromegaly and guy again to them are actually both acquired conditions. But I'm just saying that one is acquired and one is congenital for the sake of this mnemonic, okay, so don't make sense. Yeah.

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