Histiogenic Classification of Odontogenic Cysts

2 minutes
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Chapter 13 adaptogenic says his two genic classification off with autogenic. The first class are cysts derived from rest of Malaysia's which are very ethical system and residual cysts. How can we remember that these two are derived from rest of Melissa's here is hot. Now, if we take the tea from Perry and API from apical we get Pappy, which is dad. Now does dad do? Or Pappy to copy?

Rescue rest? Why does he rest because he works a lot so he needs to rest. So Pappy rest. Perry apical says come from rest of my laces. The second one is residual. This is easy.

Residual means the rest of something or What remains of something. So, residuals are derived from arrests of mellisa All right, this is pretty easy. The second class are assists derived from reduced anomaly caveum which are that is the resist and eruption says how can we remember that these two are derived from reduced anomaly premium. Now, reduced anomalous behavior, if we take the first letter of each word, we will get re, which is the name of a beautiful girl supposedly, now, if we take the first two letters of the integers is the and eruption ER and combine them together we will get deer, which is deer. So, here you're calling re, deer. So, re reduce the nominal if you see Liam given that there's a risk eruption cysts, combine them together the year or you can flip them over and say D or re, that's easier for you.

Now if you know which this belong to these two classes, then you can know that the rest are derived from dental lamina which are so many. While these two classes only contain two assists each which makes it easier to remember.

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