Aneurysmal Bone Cyst (ABC)

2 minutes
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Aneurism, l bone ABC clinical features presents as a mandibular expansion typically in those 30 years old or younger. How can we remember that? It presents as mandibular expansion, and that occurs in young people. Here is how ABC, if we were to pronounce it as one word, it will be hops, or abs, the abdominal muscles. Now, what has muscles attached to it? the mandible or the maxilla?

The mandible, of course, has ABS or muscles. Now back to the ABC, which is the alphabet. who learns the ABC, the old people are the young people. Of course, the young people learn the ABC, right. So ABC Which is ABS abdominal muscles. What has muscles the mandible or the maxilla?

The mandible has abs and ABC alphabet who's learning the alphabet? The young people moving on to the radiographic features appears as well circumscribed. So bubble lesion. So bubble and in your small bones, how can we remember this? Now, as we said, ABC as the alphabet and young people, our children learn the ABCs What do young people also do? they blow soap bubbles.

So, ABC alphabet, young people, young people also blow so bubbles, which gives you the radiographic. So bubble appearance now histologically numerous, none To see the line of blood filled spaces of variable sizes separated by fibrous septum, so under the microscope, ABC actually looks like bubbles being blown. As you can see in this logical photo, that's it.

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