Macroglossia: Part 3

3 minutes
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Now let's get back to macro globes here. One of the clinical signs and symptoms of micro sia is that the tongue will have cremate lateral borders, meaning that it will have craters or depressions on its lateral borders. The patient will also present with an open bite and mandibular progresses then how can we relate that to criticism? Now, congenital hypothyroidism. As we said, the C stands for criticism. Criticism ism stands for cratering ism and our own mnemonic language right.

That creator nism also means creators on the time. Okay, so creators on the thighs and creators on the time. So to conclude, criticism stands for two things. The first crater aneurysm off the side seen right here and this greater aneurysm is caused by high both die. So Christianism is hypothyroidism. The second thing is greater nism off the tongue.

And that means criticism is associated with creators on the lateral border have done. Alright. Now let's get some logic into this lecture Shall we? We want to know the logical explanation behind the clinical signs and symptoms of macro glossier. Now micro lo sia is a large sun we know that this tongue is large and two dimensions lengthwise, which causes one problem and which flies which causes another problem. Let's look at the problem caused by the tongue being large, lengthwise.

The patient will present with an open bite and mandibular progresses. Here is the explanation for that. The tongue is long, it will protrude between the anterior teeth and it will result in an open bite. Now this explains the open bites. How can we explain the mandibular progresses in the long tongue again will push the mandible forward. This will result in mandibular progress isn't it is very simple, you just have to imagine the process going on.

Now let's see the problem caused by the tongue being large widthwise. The tongue will have create lateral borders not as craters or depressions on the lateral borders. How can that be explained? The tongue is wide, so the patient will bite on its borders. It's as if the patient has excess dung from the sides. This will result in him biting on these excess sides and will result in cratering.

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