Warthin's Tumors

2 minutes
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Worsens tumor, clinical features pre dominance in males. Now if you look at the word orphans and divided into war let's take the first part which says war. Now, who participates more and more males or females? Of course, males, so orphans war who participates more and more males worth ends tomorrow is more common in males. And other clinical feature is that it may contain you code brown fluid and the fine needle aspiration. How can we remember the brown color and not mix up between other colors?

Again, worth ends for is war. Now what do soldiers were in war? What colors do they wear red? Do they wear blue? Or do they wear Brown? That's right.

They wear brown So weapons or soldiers in or wear Brown. Another clinical feature is that worth consumer presents as a doorway to cystic mass and then Feehery pull off the parts of the gland adjacent to the posterior border of the mandible. How can we remember the consistency and the sight of worth and steamer? Again, war equals war. We're going to create a little story about war, which says those soldiers are ordered to go to the sick mass, a group of the enemy soldiers, and the lowest point which is the point where all the bad people are after the pirates land, which is the pirate land. Now the translation for this sentence is go stands for Joe.

Go, Joe. And the cystic mask, as I said, is with a group of enemy soldiers. So we know That worsens tumor consistency is deadly to cystic okay. And the lowest point of the parrot lamp stands for the inferior pole of the parotid gland. parrot parroted okay. So and war worsens tumor soldiers are ordered to go to a thicket map.

It has Adobe to assist the consistency and the lowest point of the parrots land that inferior pole of the parotid gland. Alright

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