McCune-Albright Syndrome

4 minutes
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To McCune Albright disease, clinical features endocrine disturbances, precocious puberty and or hyperthyroidism, multiple areas of cutaneous pigmentation Cafe Au Lait spots, what are the fatally spots? Get a la pigmentation unilateral tan molecules with regular margins on the trunk and thighs may also be present on the oral mucosa. So how can we remember that mckoon all right disease is associated with precocious puberty and hyperthyroidism plus cutaneous pigmentation and also know the features of Cafe Au Lait spots. Let's see. Now mckoon All right, let's take second part of it, which is all right. That was please say that something is all right.

It means that it is very bright. Now we're talking about a young grown up. We will know what his job is in a second. This young grownup is all bright, or is very bright and energetic. He's always racing and everything. So he has precocious puberty and hyperthyroidism.

Alright. And because he is very energetic, he is always outdoors and the sun, which gives him gives him numerous pigmentations. Okay, so my cool old bright old, right someone who is very bright and energetic and racing and everything. He had precocious puberty. He hit puberty before his time, and he has hyperthyroidism. He's super energetic.

And because he is very bright and super energetic, he's always outdoors in the sun, which gives him cutaneous pigmentations. Now we want to know what are the features of Cafe Au Lait spots. Now we said that all bright means very bright. We said that this person is younger grown up. He is a businessman. He works as a businessman.

And this was this man likes to drink cafe la by saying that he drinks so the cafe contacts the inside of his mouth, which means that Cafe Au Lait spots affects oral mucosa drinks with his mouth, which means it affects oral mucosa another spot that this guy fatally hits in the business man, other than his mouth, his his Siam trunks Why? Because he spills it on his trunk and ties. Okay, so mckuen Albright is an old bright businessman who drinks cafe LA, but he spilled it on his trunk and size. So cafe Lee effect Oral mucosa and it also affects the trunk and size and by saying that he spills it. When something is spilled, it means that it has irregular margins when something is filled, it wouldn't have like super defined regular margins, it would have irregular margins. So to conclude, Mr. McEwen Albright is a very bright businessman who drinks fatally, but he's spilled it on his trunk and size.

Very bright, precocious puberty and hyperthyroidism plus cutaneous pigmentations he drinks which means it affects the oral mucosa but he spills it regular margins on his trunk and size. Cafe Au Lait spots also affect the trunk and vice. That's it. Remember that Cafe Au Lait spots are present in both mckuen Albright syndrome with irregular and more margins because Mr. mckuen Albright spills the cafe LA and and Vaughn bricklaying Hodgkin's disease where it presents with smooth margins or the very reckless one. Drink Coffee, if you remember from the previous lessons

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