Cleido-Cranial Dysplasia (CCD)

1 minutes
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The fixed disorder and the developmental defects of the jaw is clitoral cranial dysplasia, abbreviated as the CD. Now this CCD is going to take part in the mnemonic, but the inheritance pattern of the cranial dysplasia is autosomal dominant. How can we remember that? Now cleto, cranial, it's right there, play doh, doh is dominant. Now, the thing with this mnemonics is that you have to train your eye to see the mnemonic right there. So whenever you see clear cranial right there, you can see it as if it's written on the paper that it is dominant.

Okay, moving on to the clinical signs and symptoms of cuido cranial dysplasia, One of the clinical signs and symptoms is a large head with frontal boxing. Another is a high arched palate. How can we remember that these are the exact clinical signs and symptoms of cleto cranial dysplasia and not something else. So let's look at the abbreviation C, C, D. You can see all these curves and arches, the C, the D, they they are all really curved letters. So what does this mean? This means frontal buffing and high arched palette, okay?

The disorder that has bossing that has arches that has extra curves. This is the disease CCD frontal lacing high art palette.

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