Kaposi's Sarcoma

2 minutes
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For Kaposi's sarcoma causes associated with HIV infection in AIDS, how can we remember that kaposi sarcoma is associated with HIV infection, and it's now, Kaposi's sarcoma. The first part of kaposi's is cap, which is the cap that you put on things. Now, if something is capped, it means that it is limited or restricted or compromised, which gives us immunocompromised HIV AIDS. So kaposi sarcoma cap when something is kept means that it is compromised, which means immuno compromised HIV AIDS, clinical features thin oval reddish purple plaques on oral mucosa and skin. How can we remember the clinical appearance of Kaposi's sarcoma? Let's again, kaposi's cap Is the cap that we all know.

Now, imagine if you put a cap on a tissue very tightly for example, you put a pen cap on your finger, what would happen? It would become reddish purple right. And because it is very tight it will press them down and it will become flattened out, which means thin and oval. So kaposi sarcoma cap, imagine putting a cap on your finger, it will become reddish purple and it will become flattened, thin. And although that gives us the clinical appearance of kaposi sarcoma. Moving on to the treatment of kaposi sarcoma, intra regional wind blast sign and liquid nitrogen cryo therapy.

How can we remember these two treatments of kaposi sarcoma, let's see. Now, as we said, kaposi's cap Now, if you put a cap on a vein very tightly, rather than putting a cap on a vein very tightly, the blood that will actually will make it blast and then you will cry because you're being blasted. Here vein blasted stands for ven blast time. And when you're crying stands for cryo therapy. So kaposi sarcoma, putting a cap on the vein very tightly, and blasted van blast site. And because it blasted, you're crying, which means cryo therapy.

That's it.

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