Macroglossia: Part 2 (Bonus: Cretenism is Congenital Hypohyroidism)

1 minutes
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Let's start with congenital hypothyroidism. Now the first letter of congenital is EC Christianism also have AC. So when you look at the word cretin ism, the first thing that should come to your mind is that it is something congenital. Okay? But how can we remember that it is congenital hypothyroidism and not some other congenital condition. Let's look at the hypo side parts and hypothyroidism.

Hypo sy means the upper part of your leg high full time. Now, these are your size, imagine having high pore size or less size. This is what they will look like. They will be cut out like that. This cutout is also known as a crater. Now we're going to hypothet Quickly named the condition of having a creator as creator nism Okay, creator nism is very similar in pronounciation to criticism.

So when you read the word criticism, it should remind you of creator anism creator crater aneurysm is a crater in the sky because of high cosines. So how do you get crater aneurysm by having congenital high photons clear

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