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About the Class

This is a comprehensive oral pathology mnemonics course for dentists of all skill sets. We cover the better, easier, and more fun way of studying oral pathology. This course helps you to avoid trouble when stuck in an exam and your memory starts failing you. It will provide you with a list of techniques and tricks to use to study faster, more efficiently, and with less stress and worry about forgetting.

Most importantly, it will give you an insight into an extremely helpful and reliable technique that will let you overcome any difficulty in remembering difficult stuff.

Plus, you can always build-up upon these mnemonics with all the information you have to know, build-up stories, laugh about it, and never mix-up in the exam.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Oral Pathology Mnemonics: The easy, fun way to study.
  • Recall information quickly in time-tight exams (and pop-quizzes).
  • Weird but very effective tricks that will stay in your brain for a long time. ( = less revising + less stress)
  • Use various memory techniques (Rhymes as, Keyword, Letter and Word, Visual, and Story Mnemonic Strategies)
  • How to recall epidemiology, most commonly affected site of conditions.
  • Remember the other names of a certain condition, even when not-at-all related. (When the exam's question has the other name that you don't recall..oops)
  • Converting certain numbers (such as genes) to words and sentences that actually make sense.
  • Correlate characteristic facts (eg. Frog egg appearance, Tzanck cells) and related syndromes to the name of the condition itself.
  • All of this with a lot of laughter, and "OMG, did chronic osteomyelitis with proliferative periostitis magically transform into Garfield?"
  • Quizzes that resemble actual exam questions (tricky) to see for yourself if the mnemonics protect you from being tricked.
Who should take this course?
  • Dental students (Perfect for dental students as it is based on dental school lectures)
  • Dental professionals going for Boards (NBDE, ADC, NDBE, etc)
  • Present students
  • Medical students/professionals required to have oral pathology knowledge.
  • Any one of the above who has a memory as bad as mine.


Hiba Al-Shawa

Doctor of Dental Surgery
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Dr. Hiba Al-Shawa is a DDS with a passion for education, spreading knowledge and making the lives of dental students easier (when possible). She has a special interest in improving the memory through different techniques such as visual and "rhymes as" mnemonic strategies, that she employs in helping students study in a more efficient, fun way.

Class Requirements

You should have basic dental knowledge.

Class Contents

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 4 hours 4 minutes
108 Videos
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